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Thousands of old handmade Turkish carpets are collected from different in Turkey. After collection, we buy them in big quantities and carpets are brought to the production regularly. In production, carpets are classified based on its colours and patterns. After that, they get shaved and make them ready for antique washing. Following this process, carpets are washed with carpet shampoos. And dying process starts. As you see, all carpets are dyed carefully in dying pools with special wool paints. Thanks to this special wool paint, they get amazing and unique look. After that, carpets get washed again and again to make sure that they are clean. Following the washing, they are hanged to leave them dry. Once they get dry, carpets are put into the wooden spinner. Wooden spinner makes the carpets’ colours more shinny and clean them from their dust. 

Production of vintage rugs have full of man labour and effort under the hot sun or freezing weather. In every single process, there is so much work to produce the best products.


We use vintage rugs to make the best patchwork rugs. All rugs are carefully drawn based on the size of the rugs. Optimization is a key point to get the best result. After drawing, the rugs get cut into the pieces. Following this process, they get classified based on their sizes and colours. Most of people think that, pieces for patchwork are ready. This is completely wrong. We cut rugs based on order. The reason is to make the closest patchwork as close as your customer is looking for. So all of our patchwork rugs are specially made for our customers.

When a patchwork rug is going to be made, the designing is the most important part of the process. In order to get an amazing patchwork design, you need to know how to combine the pieces. That is the secret of our work and products. Everyone can make patchwork but not everyone can give an amazing look to a patchwork rug.


Beni Ourain is our new line. We manufacture our own Beni Ourain rugs by our own experience. We use Anatolian wool and handcraft of Anatolian people to create the best product. Thanks to our production, we can make any design and size based on request.

Rugs are collected from different part of Anatolia. The ages of rugs between 30-70 years old.
Rugs are classified based on their types and sent to the shaving section.
Rugs are brought to our production.
Classified are shaved according to different styles.
After shaving process, rugs are washed by special shampoos to make sure that they all get clean.
Shaved rugs are decolorized to ensure to adequate level of absorption capacity for upcoming dyeing process. This process is also called "antique...
Following the washing, rugs are left under the hot sun to make them colors pastel and better look.
Rugs are dyed in dying pools by special rug paints based on the colors.
Dyed rugs are washed once again to fix dye and also to remove residues.
After washing process, rugs are hanged to make them dry.
After rugs get dried, they are put into the special shaft for final process.
Completed rugs are folded to make ready for delivery.