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About Us

Stil Carpet is a handmade rug company which supplies different type of handmade rugs to its customers. Stil Carpet focuses on provides wide range of product in competitive prices. In our product range, you can find variety of product in different tonnes and patterns. In order to have that kind of range, we produce our products carefully by our long term experience. We always are looking for better products to provide them to our customers so they can sell high quality products to their own customers. Thanks to our mission, we export our products more than 30 different countries.

The main difference of Stil Carpet and its competitors is our service and customer relationship. Most of our team members have spent most of their life in UK and USA. Thanks to this, we have knowledge and experience about the foreign markets and customers. And the most important is; we work with our customers in same business ethics which is very important for us.

Stil Carpet is well known with it project (custom made) products. We make custom made products and provide solutions for any type of project. We work with interior designers in different countries and produce custom made products for their hotel, office, showroom and residential projects.  Patchwork is main product which we use for projects. However, not only patchwork but also the vintage rugs and our own production of Beni Ourain rugs can be customized based on needs. You can get in touch with our team for info and please check our projects page to see some of our work.

We have a showroom in centre of Istanbul where you can most of our stock products. In our showroom, we have more than 10.000 sqm of product. They are classified based on their type and colour. We also have a patchwork design workshop where you can see how we design our patchwork rugs. We always invite our existing and new customers to our showroom to help them better to show them more variety and provide options. 
If you would like to visit us and see our products, you are more than welcome.